Opposition to Affordable Housing in Katy, TX

“This is a program we’re using to help us with the financing,” Developer George Kaleh told the Times. “The program is a low-income housing tax credit, which scares the public. A lot of people think it’s subsidized, which generally brings in crime, but it’s not like that at all. It’s really targeted for families with a lower income like beginning teachers in Katy ISD.”

While Cornerbrook promises a nice development for the community, modeled after Silverbrooke Apartments in Stafford, area residents and organizations are concerned how it would affect their neighborhoods.

“Obviously, we’re going to fight this,” said Don Mach, president of the Nottingham Country Homeowners Association. “We are putting together a bunch of facts because there has to be real reasons to oppose this development.

“We have some real drainage issues out there, and this is going to make it worse,” he said. “This also has the potential of throwing the whole makeup of Taylor High School. These types of units, typically, tend to bring down the area property values when they go into place.”

Read remainder of the story at The Katy Times.


About Bob Voelker

Head of the Munsch Hardt (Dallas law firm) Hospitality & Mixed Use Development Group, and former developer of affordable housing. I'm i
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