Surprise! City’s Plans for Low-Income Housing Overlooks North Dallas. Again

Tuesday the city council’s housing committee will hear about 13 low-income housing projects being considered by city and state officials.

As usual, the dot pattern of the proposed developments looks like a case of municipal diaper rash, heavily concentrated in the city’s southern regions. Six city council districts, mainly in the far north, lack any new low-income projects under consideration — none, zip, zero, smooth as a baby’s butt without the diaper rash.

The argument is always that you can’t put low-income housing in the north because the property up there costs too much. Maybe. Every time I drive up that way, I sure see a lot of crappy-looking apartment complexes. If there was ever a time to put low-income housing north, it should be now, while values are depressed.

Then there’s the one about putting people too far away from resources they need. Hey, the resource most poor people need is work. The retail and service businesses in the north seem to me like pretty good hunting grounds for hourly wage jobs. You’re not going to tell me the jobs are in southern Dallas, are you?

Something weird happened when the city got out of the old Walker consent decree on housing. (It required the Dallas Housing Authority to put some low-income housing in white-people neighborhoods.) Dallas now funds a fairly massive effort at placing public and supportive housing out in the suburbs. And as you will see if you look at the map for the units to be considered Tuesday, we just can’t put enough of that stuff in the southern part of the city. But somehow the effort seems to jump right over North Dallas.

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