Affordable housing group criticizes Fairfax County supervisor, disputes characterization of project as ‘luxury’ digs

Luxury, like beauty, may be in the eye of the beholder. But it’s also at the heart of a continuing fuss over Fairfax County’s recently approved plan to build subsidized housing near its government complex.

The Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance has taken a slap at Board of Supervisors member Pat S. Herrity (R-Springfield) for what the group says is a distorted portrayal of the county’s plan to build 270 dwellings, known as the Residences at Government Center, for people who struggle to find homes in one of the region’s wealthiest jurisdictions. The project, undertaken by Jefferson at Fairfax Corner LLC on land ceded by the county, was approved by the county Board of Supervisors last week.

“While we acknowledge Supervisor Pat Herrity’s difference of opinion regarding the role of local government in housing, we continue to be troubled by his inaccurate and careless portrayal of the facts regarding housing programs in Fairfax County. The Residences at the Government Center, a mixed-income community of 270 units serving a range of households from 50 to 100% of area median income, is the latest housing initiative under attack by Mr. Herrity,” the group’s “Action Alert” says. The advisory went out to about 1,000 members of a listserv Tuesday.

But Herrity stood his ground over his criticism of the project, saying that the county should not be in the business of subsidizing a “luxury” apartment complex when privately operated units in the area are vacant.

Read remainder of the story at The Washington Post


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