Bluffton, SC Takes Step Toward Affordable Housing

The town of Bluffton is taking steps to create some affordable housing for folks in the lowcoutnry. Back in 2009, the town recieved a federal grant as part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, which is designed to inject some life into communities where foreclosures and home abandonments are frequent. Mayor Lisa Sulka says that is exactly what the town council is trying to do with the property it purchased on Wharf Street.

“We wanna build a sustainable community with infield development within our olde town,” Sulka said.

This development would see the construction of six small houses on half an acre of land.

Sulka says there’s a common misconception about the housing project.

“It’s not low-income housing, it’s affordable housing. you go into our town hall and you are going to see our town covenant…the last sentence talks about our duty to provide affordable housing to all decent Bluffton people.”

Bluffton resident Bill Roe says he has many unanswered questions about the project including the cost and size of the homes and why people would want to buy them at all.

“It just doesn’t make sense, doesn’t make financial sense. A question I did kinda get answered, when they said they’ve been working on this for two years, they couldn’t tell us what these houses would sell for. I don’t know how many people would wanna live in a 400 square foot home.” He said.

Despite the opposition, Sulka says that Bluffton is in need of affordable housing.

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