Housing Tussle Continues in St. Bernard Parish

After Katrina, St. Bernard Parish issued an ordinance restricting rental of single-family dwellings to people related by blood. It also put a moratorium on the construction of multi-family dwellings. Both of these steps were perceived as efforts to prevent African-Americans from moving into the Parish, and the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC) won federal injunctions to overturn both of these policies.

Last week, the fight heated up again. After St. Bernard Parish President Craig Taffaro urged council members to “stand with him” while adopting a “resolution to this challenge that incorporates the concerns of the federal agencies while maintaining our ability to govern locally.” The Parish President’s office told The Louisiana Weekly that the multi-family housing development being planned for the parish is of a high-density type that doesn’t fit with the agency for Housing and Urban Development’s current policies. “They tore down high-density housing in New Orleans,” the Parish President’s office said, questioning why similar housing would then be built in St. Bernard.

A press release from the GNOFHAC said that the organization filed a temporary restraining order against the parish because “St. Bernard Parish officials clearly stated their intent to violate the Fair Housing Act and the Consent Order by impeding the development of four mixed-income apartment complexes.”

GNOFHAC Executive Director James Perry comments, “We are profoundly disappointed in Mr. Taffaro and other parish leaders for what is another backwards and wrongheaded step by the Parish to limit housing opportunities for people of color. We will continue to advocate in court and through HUD’s processes until there is fair housing choice in St. Bernard Parish.”

Read remainder of the story at BlackVoiceNews


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