Non-Age-Restricted Housing Deemed a ‘Detriment’ to Lacey, NJ Residents

Trees continue to come down at the corner of Laurel Boulevard and Railroad Avenue in Lanoka Harbor even though Lacey Township’s Planning Board unanimously denied Lacey Town Village’s application to build housing.

The Planning Board previously allowed the applicant to move forward on Lacey Town Village due to a Stream Encroachment permit that would soon expire. But on March 14, the board denied Lacey Town Village’s application due to various unanswered questions and the lack of modifications made to improve the plans.

“I believe the Lacey Township Planning Board in good faith attempted to resolve all the open issues that were brought up but unfortunately the applicant is not willing to make any changes to the plan whatsoever, and these issues still remain unresolved,” Mayor Gary Quinn said.

Lacey Town Village was originally approved as age-restricted housing in 2005. The applicant re-approached the Planning Board with modified plans because legislation (S2577 1R) passed by Gov. Jon Corzine in July 2009 allowed developers to challenge towns over the age-restricted status of pending developments.

The law, proposed to stimulate the housing market, applied to developments that were approved but had yet to begin construction or sales.

“Gov. Corzine made it clear that this bill should have no substantial negative impact on the communities,” Quinn said. “Based on the number of issues that still remain, that the applicant is unwilling to address, the project would certainly be a detriment to the community in the future and would undoubtedly put a burden on the Lacey Township taxpayers for years to come.”

Read remainder of the article at Lacey Patch


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