Proposed Killeen housing development concerns city, residents

A proposed housing development near a Killeen neighborhood has some residents frustrated and some city officials skeptical.

Local developers have requested a conditional use permit from the city council for a 24-acre piece of land off Highway 195 and Reeces Creek, directly across from the future site of Texas A&M – Central Texas. City staff has acknowledged the proposal goes against the city’s comprehensive plan, but has recommended the development, which would include more 50 duplexes and multifamily homes, go forward for a vote from the city council.

Worried residents met with the developers Tuesday evening during a council workshop, along with university officials, Tx-Dot, and the council in the last of several meetings before the council votes next week on the fate of the property.

More than a dozen homeowners that have property, that would be right against the new development, feel they were mislead.

“If you propose a plan and it’s accepted by the city, why, in the first time that we put it to use, are we wanting to modify it? asked homeowner Danny Anglin. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

He says the initial plan for the development called primarily for commercial businesses, but has now shifted into providing residential housing. Developers, however, claim their intention was always to provide a mix of homes and businesses for future students of the university.

Anglin and some of his fellow residents have raised concerns over what kind of clientele the new homes would attract, in addition to potential crime and traffic elements their new neighbors would bring with them.

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