Residents Opposing Church Demolition for Low-Income Housing in Sierra Madre, CA Win Victory at City Council

Amid concerns from residents, the Sierra Madre City Council ceased moving forward with plans to demolish an old church at 186 W. Highland Ave. for the development of low- to moderate income housing.

The recommendation from city staff was to allow the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to authorize staff to start negotiations with Heritage Housing Partners (HHP), a firm based in Pasadena, who “specializes in creating affordable housing through the preservation of existing historic/older structures,” according to the staff report presented by City Manager Elaine Aguilar.

Council Member MaryAnn MacGillivray confirmed with Loveland that the final decision on what type of housing to be built and who it would be available to, would be their decision.

“We can say we want something in the very high [moderate] end and we would want to open it to public safety folks who want to live here in town, or make it available to firefighters, police or to teachers. We can define it to that extent, correct?” MacGillivray questioned.

Loveland agreed, “as long as we are consistent with state laws.”

Mayor Joe Mosca opened the floor for public comment and several residents voiced their concerns with the proposal.

“Nobody knows what’s going on regarding this,” said Nancy Jasmine Richter, who moved to Highland Avenue a few months ago. “I think we need to look at how this is possibly going to effect housing values and my neighbor is very concerned that this is going across from the school.”

Read remainder of the story at the Sierra Madre Patch


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