Chappaqua NY Apartment Opponents Tell Town Not to Back Any Housing, Fearing it will Lead to More

Residents reiterated their opposition to the Chappaqua Crossing development Tuesday night, as the New Castle Town Board hosted a bundle of public hearings for a series of proposed zoning changes needed for the project.

The message several residents hoped to send was that if the Town Board gives the go ahead for any residential, it could give Summit/Greenfield leverage to get more housing in the future.

Rob Greenstein, an outspoken critic of the residential rezoning, voiced concern for this reason.

“Because they’re not going to stop with this residential and everybody knows that,” he said.

Greenstein warned that letting through housing will undermine any future arguments against additional units in terms of planning.

“Right now, we’re in the strongest position to say no to residential,” he said. He also felt that future legal battles with the developer would occur in this situation.

Currently, Summit/Greenfield has two lawsuits pending against the town, one in state court and another in federal court, where Supervisor Barbara Gerrard and councilmen Robin Stout and Michael Wolfensohn are named as co-defendants. The state lawsuit claims that the town engaged in an “inverse condemnation” of the property, a de facto taking of it, and wants to compensation and the ability to turn over the site to New Castle.

The federal suit alleges that the town is trying to obstruct its attempt to build affordable housing – there are 20 of the 199 units designated as such – and that it is depriving the developer of its right to due process with the way in which it has handled its review of the proposal. Summit/Greenfield will still proceed with its legal action regardless of how the town votes on the zoning changes, spokesman Geoff Thompson said in a recent interview.

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