College of Southern Idaho apartment plan opposed by Planning and Zoning

Affordable housing is always high on a college student’s list of needs and desires.

Natasha Williams and Luke Reed, both 20-year-old sophomores at the College of Southern Idaho, said it’s one of the reasons they take up residence in CSI’s 30-year-old Northview Apartments. The two share an apartment with another roommate.

“People try to get out of the dorms pretty fast,” Williams said. “These apartments are really affordable for us. We each pay $180 a month.”

In about a year, CSI officials hope more students will have a chance to call apartments owned by the college their home. But the plan has suffered a setback — following passionate testimony by neighbors to proposed complex, the city of Twin Falls Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously voted against recommending the zoning change required for the 40-apartment complex on the eastern edge of the college. It still needs to go before the City Council for a final say.

“I’ve been impressed with CSI’s planning for 45 years, and this one just doesn’t make any sense,” Commissioner Erick Mikesell said. “… You’re moving students away from campus. It just doesn’t work. I don’t know who came up with that idea. Was it the cheapest, easiest way?”

Many who testified came from the Green Acres Subdivision, which would border the southern side of the complex. Their concerns included light and noise, student parties and traffic, extra foot and vehicle traffic near where their kids play and walk, and the loss of privacy to looming buildings with views into their backyards. Many of them voiced their support for CSI and what it has done, but said there are better locations for the complex on the campus.

Read remainder of the story at Time-News Magic Valley


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