Fair to whom? Novato CA Affordable Housing

from a Reader’s Forum at the Marin Independent Journal – NOTE — protecting the “character” of the community was one of the arguments made by St. Bernard Parish, LA in that fair housing case — specifically mentioned by the Judge as being suspect

So Fair Housing of Marin thinks we should revise our housing codes to eliminate references to “protecting the character and social economic stability of neighborhoods” and/or “maintaining community identity and quality development?”

Funny, I’ve always thought those were good things to strive for in a community.

Then we read that the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development thinks Marin has “failed to meet its fair housing obligations.”

Hmmm. How about this as an alternative: We stop funding Fair Housing of Marin and repeal the federal legislation that created HUD?

That would save a lot of money and, just maybe, get us back on a path where sanity and reason prevail.

I don’t care what color my neighbors are, or what religion they follow, or any other irrelevant aspect of their lives. What I do care about is that they don’t disrupt the character of the community I live in.

If we can’t eliminate these groups, then perhaps we can pass on taking their money. And then, of course, there’s always the next election to look forward to.


About Bob Voelker

Head of the Munsch Hardt (Dallas law firm) Hospitality & Mixed Use Development Group, and former developer of affordable housing. I'm i
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