Resident opinions split on proposed low-income senior facility in Grayslake, IL

Debbie Jones of Round Lake wants her mother, Mary Ann Guisinger, 70, to live close by — in an affordable, dignified residence.

Guisinger, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, currently lives in a low-income senior facility in Fox Lake, Jones said.

“I’d love to get her to transfer” to a proposed new low-income senior facility in Grayslake, Jones said.

But when it comes to plans for the proposed Grayslake facility, residents are split between excitement over a well-designed place for those on a fixed income and chagrin over the building’s placement on a prime piece of property overlooking the lake.

Mercy Housing Lakefront, the non-profit organization in charge of the planned 70-unit facility near Route 120 and Neville Drive, hosted an informal information session Thursday in advance of a public hearing set for April 11.

Jill Koch of Grayslake said she’s heard rumors circulating around town – misinformation that she said led her to show up at the meeting in support of the project.

“I think we need places like this for our parents to go within our community, near their families and their doctors,” she said.

“It is low-income, but it’s not some run-down housing project like the community seems to think it’s going to be,” Jones said. “These people won’t cause problems, they shop locally – it just seems like a win-win for Grayslake.”

She said she was “horrified” by an e-mail that circulated in town inferring that crime rates in Grayslake could skyrocket because some residents of the facility would come from now-defunct Chicago public housing projects.

Read remainder of the story at The Chicago Tribune


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