Middletown, CT – Neighborhood Association Sounds off on Redevelpment

[NOTE – why do the current single family residents want to live here with these types of concerns?  Does point out the typical rationales put forth for keeping out affordable housing]

The Lincroft Village Green Association (LVGA) and many of the residents of Lincroft Village are strongly opposed to the Four Ponds Redevelopment plan as is currently proposed.  We have serious concerns this large scale housing development will bring negative change to our neighborhoods and adversely affect residents’ safety and quality of life.

Concerns stated:

1. Density & Type of Housing –

Good planning requires that new construction should be similar in size and character to existing, neighboring homes.  The style of homes being built, three story townhouses in clusters of four, six and eight units, and four 18-unit apartment buildings, is not in keeping with the style of the majority of the homes in Lincroft, which are single family homes on large lots, of .5 to 5 acres in size.

The density and configuration of the proposed Four Ponds Development are more reminiscent of inner city row houses than existing construction in Lincroft.  Therefore, this development would have a very negative impact on property values in the surrounding neighborhoods.

2. Traffic: The current traffic conditions along CR520 and CR50 make any additional traffic-generating projects in Lincroft completely unacceptable.

3. Schools:

The Four Ponds development will bring many additional children to our local schools.  Two and three bedroom townhouses will be more likely to have families with school-age children. The Lincroft Elementary School is already filled to capacity.

4. Safety: Lincroft and the surrounding neighborhoods are served by our all volunteer Fire Department and First Aid Station.  Adding 342 new homes to Lincroft Village, a 16 percent increase in households, will overburden these services


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