Chicago Area – Grayslake Recommends New Senior Housing

The Grayslake Zoning Board has recommended allowing a 70-unit apartment building to be built for low-income residents age 55 and older on Belvidere Road and Neville Road.

The recommendation, which was made at the board’s May 26 meeting will be brought to the village board, who will make the final decision regarding the project.

This was the fourth public hearing the board held with Mercy Housing, which seeks to amend a special use permit to construct the building called Lakefront Lodge across from the village’s namesake, Gray’s Lake.

The vote was preceded by a cross-examination between attorney Steve Friedland, who represents Mercy Housing and Patrick Smith, who represents a group of residents who oppose the project.

“Mercy is defined as compassion towards someone for whom it is one’s power to harm. Ironically, my clients feel in this process they are being afforded little mercy,” Smith said. “Unfortunately, the benefit that runs the village, the county and the region comes with burdens disproportionately by the people who live near this site.”

The discussion reflected the effect on traffic and the proposed height of the building, which Smith said varies from the 2007 proposal first brought to the zoning board.

Read remainder of the story at The Grayslake Patch


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