Nearly 200 homes may be built on the property of Bamm Hollow Country Club as a result of an affordable housing lawsuit settlement between the town and the country club.

Officials say the deal was the best option for the town. Neighbors say it will crush the area’s quality of life.

The settlement, under which the owners of Bamm Hollow will be allowed to build up to 190 single-family homes and must set aside 120 acres of open space on the approximate 280-acre property, effectively ends a two-year lawsuit that bled hundreds of thousands of dollars from township coffers. The resolution outlining the terms of the settlement must be approved by the planning board to end the litigation.

While residents of the Lincroft section of town are strongly opposed to getting upwards of 200 new neighbors, 1,200 units were initially proposed and this settlement represents the best option for the town, officials said.

In 2009, attorneys for Bamm Hollow filed a suit against the town for not including the property, a 280-acre golf course and country club, in its affordable housing plan, and proposed building 1,204 units on the property. The township fought the suit, which was subject to a court-imposed gag order, contending that it did meet the state’s affordable housing requirements, and spent “hundreds of thousands” before striking a settlement late last week, Attorney Brian Nelson said.

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