Norristown, PA Board discusses, asks questions about the “Schuylkill Overlook” project

The Norristown Design Review Board Tuesday night reviewed plans for the 49-apartment, “Schuylkill Overlook” project at 722 Sandy St. and heard critical comments from a dozen neighborhood residents.

The project is a seven-unit, seven-building apartment complex on a 3.37-acre parcel that slopes downhill toward Main Street from Sandy Street. The $12.3 million project would be subsidized by the low-income housing tax credit program of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. Investors paying “close to $10 million” for the construction project would receive $1.2 million a year in tax credits over 10 years ($12 million), said John Randolph, the development principal of Ingerman Group.

Resident Rob Troemel said that “workforce housing is Section 8 housing. How are we supposed to see over these two and three story houses? Will the basin have a fence?”

One resident said that the Section 8 apartments on Sandy Street located opposite the proposed apartments had “police there every weekend.”

He questioned whether Section 8 applicants could qualify for the proposed apartments.

Randolph said that Section 8 applicants with higher income requirements could qualify to live in the complex.

The resident living at 722 Sandy St., scheduled to be demolished for the project, said the proposed apartments had “unsettled her family.”

Read remainder of the story at the Times Herald


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