Gustine, CA – Letter: Opposed to rezoning for apartment complex

[Personal Note] – if the City this citizen lives in lacks all of these services, why is she (or anyone else) living there?  But she is concerned that low income people might lack these services? The argument lack credibility and points to the underlying reason for her letter.

I thank the city of Gustine for the notice I received regarding the proposed zoning amendment for land (north of Sullivan Road, between Laurel and West) from single family residential to a multiple family residential combined rezoning (R-3/Planned Development) for the purpose of housing low-income residents and a small number of senior citizens.

I stare at open fields across the street from me every day, and there is nothing more I would like then to see a new landscape of fresh single family housing. However, new homes of any kind are not needed in Gustine right now. There is an abundance of unoccupied, good homes available. Why not offer those homes to local residents in need of housing?

I can give you a thousand reasons why I oppose the rezoning to bring apartment housing into my neighborhood, but that would take too long.

I think I need to remind you of the impact this rezoning will have on the entire city of Gustine if you solicit to bring low-income and an aging population to this area. It is obvious to me that you will need to acquire the following for the number of new residents predicted to come into Gustine: Transportation (cab, bus or train service), a reopened hospital, jobs, additional police officers, a local jail, safe access to Gustine Middle School, stoplights at the intersection of Sullivan and Highway 33, a new water well and a new sewer system.



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