Napa Valley CA – We don’t need more low-income housing

[Personal Note] – the fact that homes have been foreclosed and are “less expensive” does not reduce the need for affordable multifamily development.

The city Planning Department has repeatedly told the neighbors of the proposed site of the Alexander Crossing Apartments for several years that this was zoned for either luxury homes or a much-needed elementary school. (Robertson is bursting at the seams; where are the children of this complex going to school?) How did it suddenly become zoned for multi-family residence?

The requirement for low-income housing has lessened. Southeast Napa already has many low-income houses and many vacancies already exist — did the Planning Commission survey vacancies? There has been no environmental impact report on this project, where there are protected trees scheduled for demolition. Why not? Noise, crime, parking and traffic at the Silverado/Soscol and Silverado/Third/Coombsville intersections will potentially increase with this complex, especially with added traffic to and from the (planned) new cinema and Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Kevin Courtney’s May 14 column, “Visiting with the Vines,”really resonated with me. “Vineyards stretched north and west, seemingly forever, under a big sky of puffy clouds with winds that felt straight off the ocean. … This was Ag Napa. It’s the effect you get when you don’t let people carve up the Napa Valley floor into bungalow lots.” This is why I bought my house in Napa. What about us middle-class, hardworking, responsible homeowners who want the Upvalley experience of quiet neighborhoods and vineyard land to look at at a price that we can afford?

We do not need another subsidized low-income apartment complex in southeast Napa, and as a taxpayer, I do not agree with this $1.5 million subsidy.

From: Napa Valley Register


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