New Britain, CT – Neighbors Of Ruined School Property: Don’t Bring Low-Income Housing Here

Angered by the prospect of another subsidized housing project in their neighborhood, dozens of East Side homeowners want the city to scuttle plans for a developer to build low-and-moderate-income apartments at the deteriorated St. Thomas Aquinas School property.

The common council will decide Wednesday night whether to let Mayor Timothy Stewart begin negotiations to sell the city-owned property to The Community Builders, a non-profit organization

Opponents have 50 or more signatures on petitions against the deal, said Margaret Baylock-Renzella. It asks the council to kill The Community Builders plan to build up to 50 subsidized apartments on the 2.2-acre site, and either pursue a scaled-down version or seek a different buyer altogether.

“Consider the density in the immediate area,” her petition says, noting that two complexes of low- to moderate-income apartments exist within a few blocks of the property.

The St. Thomas school and nunnery haven’t been used in years, and the buildings are boarded-up and overgrown by weeds. They have attracted vandals and vagrants in recent years, and middle-of-the-night fires have damaged the main building so badly that it must be razed.

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