Beverly Hills Committing $350k to Keeping Subway Out

[NOTE – transit policy and housing policy are linked, as the combination of housing costs + transportation costs eats up a very large portion of lower income people’s budgets — so if a town keeps out transit, it can also drastically alter the ability of lower income people to live in that community]

The Beverly Hills City Council is scheduled on Thursday, July 7 to discuss devoting $350,000 from the 2011-12 budget due to a possible fight against the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) if its board decides in the late fall to tunnel under Beverly Hills High School and other portions of the city to extend subway service.

Earmarking of this money is part of a recommendation that will be made at a study session meeting by the Beverly Hills City Council’s Legislative Committee, which is comprised of Vice Mayor William W. Brien and Councilmember John A. Mirisch. A second part of the recommendation includes directing city staff to identify any funds that were not spent from the 2010-11 budget so that it could be quickly utilized.

If the council sets aside $350,000, it would be devoted to paying legal services, public relations and consulting firms, in addition to experts in the fields of tunneling and geotechnics. It was announced at a June 21 meeting that the city had retained Arnie Berghoff and Associates and the Ferguson Group to develop an advocacy plan. Shannon & Wilson, Inc. was retained to analyze MTA geotechnical studies. The Beverly Hills Unified School District has taken similar measures to fight the subway project.

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