West Seattle – North Delridge Neighborhood Council: Homeless-housing followup

July 11 – Within a few minutes of the scheduled start of tonight’s North Delridge Neighborhood Council meeting, more than 25 people were in the small meeting room at Delridge Library– more than double the usual NDNC turnout. (Our photo shows only about half the room.)

The biggest, and first, topic: The proposed 75-unit homeless-housing project that Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) wants to build on Delridge, a stone’s throw from tonight’s meeting site.

Read on for highlights of that discussion and other issues/matters talked about tonight:

DESC PROJECT DISCUSSION: No new information on the proposal (discussed at a ) was offered – the point was to gather community concerns, as council chair Karrie Kohlhaas explained.

Other concerns: Is there any way to stop the project? Would sex offenders be allowed? (It was acknowledged that DESC’s Bill Hobson verbally agreed not to allow them, during the community meeting two weeks ago.) What services would be available for them? That was voiced regarding commercial services/amenities – the longrunning concern that Delridge has no grocery store – as well as social services – on behalf of the entire Delridge Neighborhoods District, its district-council chair Mat McBride worried that local social services are taxed.

What about safety? asked another attendee. The DESC employee in attendance said, “We know the criminal backgrounds of our tenants,” but “they are not excluded based on that.” Another concern: Since this area would be allowed to accommodate 77 low-income housing units, and this project would bring in 75, does that stifle other future development proposals that might include a few low-income housing units? The Delridge neighborhood plan came up – does this project fit into what it envisioned for the future?

The current concern about potential Metro Transit cuts came up. Would there be enough bus service in the future to serve 75 residents without cars?

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