Give homeless in downtown Dallas’ Main Street Garden long-term housing

[Personal Note – Downtown Dallas complains of homeless people in the parks, but refuses to approve more homeless housing in Downtown — we just can’t have it both ways]

When it comes to homelessness, the public and policymakers must pick their poison: No matter what is done, somebody is going to complain. A pair of stories caught my eye portraying homeless problems in Dallas and San Francisco, respectively. (The last time I was in SF a few years back they had a tremendous homelessness problem; I can recall literally having to step over folks walking down the sidewalk, along with all the other passersby.)

In Dallas, reports a local TV station, “Main Street Gardens Park in downtown Dallas has become a bit of a homeless haven during the overnight hours. Residents heading to the park for an early morning dog walk are met by homeless people sleeping on benches, playground equipment, or whatever else may be in the park.” The response to the story: “Residents should start to see an increase in police presence around Main Street Gardens park almost immediately.” Even in Big D, though, officials realize there’s a limit to how effective a law enforcement response can be (particularly when the jail is already expensive and full).

Read more at Pegasus News


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Head of the Munsch Hardt (Dallas law firm) Hospitality & Mixed Use Development Group, and former developer of affordable housing. I'm i
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