Golden Valley City MN Council Partially Rejects Zoning Changes

At its meeting last week, the Golden Valley City Council partially rejected a rezoning proposal for the area around Harold and Winnetka avenues.

The issue brought more than 70 residents to the meeting, packing all available chairs. Most were strongly opposed to the proposals and had organized over the past two weeks to register their dissent with the Planning Commission and City Council.

The original proposal, discussed in June and then again over the past few weeks, would change a location called Area A (properties between Harold Avenue, Winnetka Avenue, Olson Memorial Highway and Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church) from single-family residential (R1) to medium-density residential (R3). It also would change an location called Area B (properties between Harold Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, Olson Memorial Highway and Spirit of Hope Methodist Church) from R1 to moderate-density residential (R2).

In Area B, the change would allow duplexes and single-family homes. If the change was approved in Area A, senior or low-income housing would be allowed. The Planning Commission, at a similarly heated meeting a week before, had approved Area B, but was split 3-3 on Area A. The Council approved the change for Area B, but decided that Area A should remain R1.

“This site has inadequate access,” said Mayor Linda Loomis about Area A. “It looks like a great place for moderate housing, but you just can’t get there from here.”

Brian Pederson, unofficial spokesperson for the group in opposition, said the main concerns are traffic and a change in the character of the neighborhood.

Read more at Golden Valley Patch.


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