Suburban Cincinnati public housing deal approved | |

Hamilton County commissioners approved a deal to expand public housing in the suburbs Monday, ending a long fight with federal housing officials.

The agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development would allow an unspecified number of additional public housing units for the poor to be built or purchased in Hamilton County’s suburbs during the next several years.

It also frees up millions of dollars in federal grants for road repairs, parks and other projects that would have been lost if the commissioners failed to act.

The deal, known as a “cooperation agreement,” had been in limbo for months because of a dispute between HUD and Green Township over plans to add 32 public housing units in the township. Township officials complained that the additional units could increase crime and drive down property values for the community’s 56,000 residents.

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  1. Mary Clark says:

    A couple of comments: affordable housing in Cincinnati is typically occupied by working women and their children. To state that 32 units somehow translates into crime defies belief. As an experienced property manager engaged in rental properties in Cincinnati, I can easily state that some of the finest people I have ever known were some of these tenants. The belief that these residents are somehow less than desirable is sheer fiction. The facts and my experiences as a licensed agent working in this field for years disproves the misperceptions of those who opposed 32 rental units.

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