In Dallas As in Miami, It’s Time to Build Low-Income Housing Where the Jobs Are – Dallas News – Unfair Park

If we want to help poor people who are pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, we should subsidize the housing out wherever it is that poor people are finding work, not keep piling more subsidized housing into the ghetto.

In fact, in the Florida story, I think I hear a faint echo of the same issue Dallas City Hall is up against — not exactly on the nose, but related. Dallas is about to be in huge trouble because of a complaint brought against it by two developers, the subject of much writing by yours truly – Curtis Lockey and Craig MacKenzie. They have complained to HUD that Dallas has been lying for years about the way it uses federal block grant money for subsidized housing. Every year the city must sign on the dotted line, certifying that it is spending Washington’s money to “affirmatively further fair housing,” which is bureaucracy-speak for pushing housing integration.

In their complaint to HUD, the two developers, angry with the city over a deal they say they got cheated out of, allege that Dallas has been doing exactly the opposite of what it has said in sworn statement. Instead, they say Dallas has used Washington’s money to promote fancy-schmancy housing for rich people downtown and segregated quasi-public housing for poor black and Hispanic people in South Dallas.

Read more at In Dallas As in Miami, It’s Time to Build Low-Income Housing Where the Jobs Are – Dallas News – Unfair Park.


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