TX NIMBY’ism Continues to Drive out Affordable Housing

[NOTE – Until we remove community participation / input & State Senator/State Rep points from TX’s low income housing tax credit allocation process, “Not in My Backyard” in violation of Fair Housing will keep affordable housing out of non-minority, higher income, higher opportunity areas]

The developer of a low-income housing project proposed for Hwy. 6 and Jackrabbit Road in Houston withdrew his application April 16 following a heated Copperfield Coalition meeting.

More than 100 people attended the community gathering to voice opposition to the proposed 180-unit apartment complex, which would have been developed by Bonner Carrington.

“We aren’t proposing what you are concerned about,” said Stuart Shaw, president of Bonner Carrington. “We don’t come to your neighborhood, or anyone’s neighborhood, to hurt. We help.”

Anthony Cecala, coalition president, said the addition of low-income housing would affect Copperfield residents’ lifestyles and commutes.

“These low-income housing units need to be put in a place that would benefit [the residents] better, like in the city limits, where they can get social services and catch a bus,” Cecala said. “Out here it doesn’t make sense.” [NOTE – the concern of the area homeowners for the benefit of the prospective low income apartment residents is touching — but entirely contrived]

Cecala also voiced his concerns about increased crime if another low-income complex were to be built in Copperfield.

“With low-income housing, you do have very good people who are down on their luck, but there is also the bad element that follows them,” he said. “Those are the people we need to worry about. Those are the people who will bring our neighborhood down.”

Read more at Developer of low-income housing project yields to Copperfield residents – Community Impact Newspaper.


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