‘Subsidized Segregation’ Keeps Struggling Minorities in Low-Income Areas, News Investigation Finds – News – ABA Journal

Nearly 45 years after a landmark federal fair housing law was enacted, and 20 years after a Multnomah County study determined that housing discrimination was still widespread in the Portland, Ore., area, low-income minorities remain concentrated in certain parts of the greater metropolitan area, reports the Oregonian. Its account is the first of four lengthy articles on a disconnect between what is said and what is done concerning compliance with fair housing law in the Portland area.

Meanwhile, despite federal government subsidies that are supposed to be spent with an eye toward encouraging desegregation and a local government policy of encouraging integrated development and testing for fair housing violations, little has been done toward actually achieving these goals, the newspaper recounts, describing the local situation as one of “subsidized segregation” in its articles.

Read more at ‘Subsidized Segregation’ Keeps Struggling Minorities in Low-Income Areas, News Investigation Finds – News – ABA Journal.


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One Response to ‘Subsidized Segregation’ Keeps Struggling Minorities in Low-Income Areas, News Investigation Finds – News – ABA Journal

  1. mpclark says:

    This is true wherever there is assisted housing. In Cincinnati OH, I have seen this for years as a property manager/agent.

    I attribute some of this obvious situation to the complete lack of information about subsidized housing. There is no education for the community and as a property manager/agent, I am forced to defend the tenants from the usually hostility and often, property owners. 99% of the time, my (screened) tenants are the best anyone could ask for but the ignorance about these programs means they face hostility in the neighborhood and for no reason.

    The misinformation about rent assisted housing is enormous. Therefore, any building which has rent-assisted tenants is under fire no matter the situation. The tenants and the manager have to endure this. NIMBY is a product of ignorance. The housing will always be in a less popular investment area due to the constant irrational neighborhood hostility to any housing which has tenants who receive rent assistance.

    Until there is regular education and communication for the general public about what these programs actually are, we will see the usual attempts to portray the tenants, the owners and building managers as other than they are. The options for housing my tenants face are very limited as a result. While my tenants work and pay rent and are responsible adults with children, they are forced to rent in often dangerous areas with substandard housing options. There is no reason for this situation.

    The voting public needs a thorough education as to the reality of rent assisted housing and why it matters so much for the future of our working families. The feds need to institute an education outreach so that the country can begin to be informed about the realities of housing in 2012.

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