Dallas’ Mayor Rawlings and Merten Tell Me the Whole HUD Thing Was Just HUD’s Big Goof. Wow.

Read more at Mayor Rawlings and Merten Tell Me the Whole HUD Thing Was Just HUD’s Big Goof. Wow..


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One Response to Dallas’ Mayor Rawlings and Merten Tell Me the Whole HUD Thing Was Just HUD’s Big Goof. Wow.

  1. mpclark says:

    We had the same kind of thing go on here in a local township famous for its small racist tea party element. Briefly, they refused the federal government for housing and lied to the public to get more political support for their anti-education, anti-taxes, anti-business, anti-jobs, anti-fact, anti-Section 8 rabble rousing club. This area is still a haven for slum lords, as a direct result. The federal government finally had to let this area know federal highway funds depend on following law. The tea party element then agreed to allow decent Section 8 housing to proceed. Who knows how much this cost everyone else in lost tax dollars? Why do irresponsible local extremist politicians have any say over housing? These are federal taxpayer dollars at risk.
    We have a huge shortage of affordable housing here. That small and despised element of irresponsible investors hates law and despises enforcement. Not surprisingly, that area is also a have for law breakers and drugs. Working Sec. 8 tenants are frightened of crime. They do not want these kinds of lawless areas for rentals. These kinds of investors will get the tenants they deserve and costs will continue to increase for everyone who owns a home or business in the area. Of course, everyone is supposed to be ignorant enough to blame the President for all of this activity.
    The area has continued to deteriorate with the presence of its slum lord element. Homeowners are not informed and are paying for allowing this small club of tea party members to speak for the area. Housing in the area has continued to lose value and is known for the kind of area it has become.
    I moved my own business address away from that area. Even the ZIP code gives potential customers the idea that I am somehow a resident of that notoriously racist, lawless area. I refuse to be connected to that out-of-control area in any way. The behavior there disgusted me.
    I suspect that no matter what HUD does or doesn’t do, it will be lied about by these types in real estate and housing. The more ignorant any population is, the more likely they are to listen to misinformation from slum lords and their buddies in office. Without facts being widely and publicly presented, no one can counter this typical misinformation alone.
    I refuse to waste more time advocating for responsible homeowners and responsible investors. They will have to stand up and speak for themselves. They are able to.
    I am in real estate and I have had to endure this racist, lawless element. I never bother with these types of investors. They do not pay bills and will not aide by law. I would lose my real estate license due to their irrational and irresponsible behaviors.
    Business owners and homeowners are targeted by these types and are paying the costs for it all. We have had enough of the game-playing while using our tax dollars. We work and have bills to pay. We want these irrational and irresponsible extremists gone. They are harmful for business, jobs and real estate investment.

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